Global Leadership Summit 2015: Day 2

The second day of GLS is done, and I was again blown away by the speakers and their messages. I’ve gained a lot over the past two days and am excited to develop it and use it in my future. Here are some of my notes from the summit!

Horst Schulze

  • 3 Wants of a Customer: product to be defect free, timeliness, nice people who give it to you
  • 1) Service starts with a great greeting, you are important to me
  • 2) Complying to what a guest wants from you, helping caring-ly with their needs
  • 3) Farewell
  • Continued satisfaction leads to loyalty
  • Service is your product
  • Personalized service shows caring for the customer, creating loyalty
  • CEO is important, but so are you, your job is important, without you doing your job it’s a disaster. Orient them to why of the company
  • If it’s important, repeat it

Sheila Heen

  • In a conversation between giver and receiver of feedback, it is the receiver in control; instead of instructing givers on how to give feedback, we need to instruct receivers how to receive feedback properly even if delivered poorly, 
  • 2 Human needs: learn and grow & to be accepted and respected and loved the way we are now
  • Feedback is saying that we need improvement to continue to learn and grow, so the 2 human needs create conflict
  • 3 Kinds of Feedback (we need all three kinds to learn and grow): 
  1. Evaluation: ranks you, tells you how you do and what to expect, you know where you stand so you know what to expect
  2.  Coaching: helps you get better, grow skill/knowledge/effectiveness, help someone else learn, advice/correction/instruction
  3. Appreciation: I see you, you matter, I wish someone noticed I work here, keeps us motivated
  • An organization needs all three to keep functioning
  • Better questions to ask: What’s one thing you particularly appreciate? (you need to feel noticed/something you’re doing well) What’s one thing you see me doing, or failing to do, that you think I should change? (don’t ask if there is something, assume there is)
  • They don’t give you feedback until they believe you want to know
  • The two human needs are like God’s love

Sam Adeyemi

  • The object of Christ’s leadership was the success of His followers
  • Focus on the people, what are their issues, their problems, their concerns
  • The downside to power distance is that it can leave followers with low self-esteem and a fear to suggest change, they have to wait for approval to do anything, teach them to be able
  • Jesus said if I can do it so can you
  • God used ideas not money to start the world, one can create something wonderful by beginning with an idea

Liz Wiseman

  • In the rookie zone, we are so motivated to reduce the tension, so we work hard to advance
  • Warning signs of comfortableness/on a plateau:
  1. Things are running smoothly
  2. You already have the answers
  3. You get positive feedback (you’re good at what you do)
  4. You’ve become the mentor, but are not longer being mentored at
  5. You’re busy but bored – contagious!
  • Pivot: leader and learner
  1. Throw away your notes/template/agenda – things are running smoothly
  2. Ask the questions – you already know the answers
  3. Admit what you don’t know – You get positive feedback
  4. Let someone else lead – You’ve become the mentor
  5. Disqualify yourself (take a challenge way bigger than you) – You’re busy but bored
  • Spend time with the newcomers and allow them to renew you
  • When we step out of our comfort zone we feel alive
  • Rookie zone is where we find our greatest joy – awkward but exhilarating 
  • As you grow as a leader, keep being a learner

Greg Groeschel

  • Expanding leadership capacity:
  1. Build your Confidence
  2. Expand your Connections
  3. Improve your Competence
  4. Strengthn your Character
  5. Increase your Commitment

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