Easy Summer Quinoa Salad

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It’s about halfway through the summer, and despite the multitude of recipes on Pinterest, sometimes it’s difficult to find a yummy summer meal. Luckily, I discovered this quinoa recipe a while back and really enjoyed it. It’s fresh, light, lemony, gluten-free, and healthy! It’s the perfect summer dish.

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The Best Vegan Burger Ever!

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I’ve enjoyed following a (mostly) vegan diet for a while, exploring how to eat and cook creatively without any animal products. However, I had yet to find a vegan burger recipe that came close to surpassing its meat counterpart (most didn’t come close!). Until I found this recipe. No joke, I would gladly take this vegan burger over a regular burger any day, and that’s coming from a former carnivore! Even if you’re not vegan, I’d definitely suggest giving this recipe a try!

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Red Pepper Ravioli

Ravioli cover

Filled with a multitude of vegetables and created lovingly by hand, these ravioli tasted absolutely delicious and were the perfect outcome of a day of hard work. There are so many things I love about this dish: the prominent flavor of red pepper, feeling like an Italian as I rolled out the dough, and having all my hard work pay off. Have I made you hungry yet? Keep reading for the recipe!

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The Joy of Baking

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“She discovered she could have her cake and eat it too. She just needed to put on her prettiest apron and bake it.”

I needed a way to liven up my summer, and so I picked up baking. Not only have I created yummy masterpieces the past few weeks, but I’ve found an activity that makes my summer a lot more fun. In all my dishes, I have one special ingredient that takes my baking over-the-top: Snapchat.

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