Global Leadership Summit 2015: Day 1

I am currently attending the Global Leadership Summit, and I thought I would show a few key notes I took on ideas that stuck out to me. I immensely enjoyed the speakers today and cannot wait for tomorrow!

Bill Hybels:

  • 5 Intangibles of leadership:
  1. Grit: when a person believes they can overcome any obstacle regardless of talent or IQ, many elite leaders push themselves physically because physical grit can transfer to grit in other life areas, comfortable with being uncomfortable
  2. Self-awareness: blind spots (leader thinks they are great at something, but actually aren’t and everyone else knows it),  growth demands input from others
  3. Resourcefulness (learning agility): endlessly curious about how things work, stick with it until they figured it out
  4. Self-sacrificing love: make it personal in your leadership with others, don’t hesitate any opportunity to show love, get personal, create a caring culture,
  5. Create a sense of meaning in each worker: Start with a Why, the Why will either fuel you or reveal that you need something new in top box(main purpose in life ex. transformed lives)

Jim Collins:

  • If you have a charismatic cause you do not need to be a charismatic leader
  • Commitment to cause
  • True leadership is when people follow when they have the choice to not follow
  • Leadership is getting the people to willingly do what needs to be done
  • Reframe failure as growth
  • Communal success built into the culture
  • It’s hard to have a meaningful life without meaningful work
  • The Hedgehog: passion+encoded for it+can make a living
  • Focus on unit of responsibility, not career
  • Take care of your people
  • Life is people

Ed Catmull:

  • Stories are the way we communicate with each other
  • How to measure progress – measure the team/teamwork
  • Creativity is about solving problems,
  • Two types of failure: we’ve all failed and learned from it, failing is messing up or inadequate.
  • Trying to make it safe to be honest/for failure
  • Budget is good because pushes people to be more creative
  • Go outside to do research in the world
  • Stories will improve our world, real goal is to have a positive impact on the world

Albert Tate:

  • The little boy’s meager fish and bread transformed by Jesus into abundance
  • The moments when Jesus asks dumb questions, He already knows what He’s going to do, He wants his followers to see that it’s not possible with their resources and that it was His doing, He wants you to do the math so you’ll come to His conclusion
  • Bring what you have and Jesus can use that do a miracle
  • As leaders, bring what we have, give it to Jesus, and then get out of the way
  • Your scarcity went into his hands and became his abundance

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