Hello! My name is Abby, and I am a college student in the United States.


My life is centered around my Christian faith, and much of my blog focuses on my Christian journey and relationship with Christ. Part of my journey has led me to Haiti, where I’ve served the past two summers and plan to continue serving for many years.


Since starting college, I’ve been more intentional about my health and fitness. I plan to gradually incorporate more posts about my journey to a healthier me. Right now, I’m exploring different exercises, having fun, and feeling great about myself!


I’m also a wanna-be fashionista, so you may find some posts full of mirror selfies. Like with the exercising, I’m just having fun trying new things at this point.


Between schoolwork, working out, and choosing my outfits, I like to use my creative juices every once in a while. This may involve taking fifty artsy pictures of flowers or carving skulls onto pumpkins. Either way, I think creativity helps maintain a happy and positive lifestyle.

IMG_9118 IMG_9315

Finally, my life has had its dark times, but I’ve triumphed over those and now focus on being a light in the darkness of the world. Therefore, I discipline myself to think positively, find the joy in every situation, not hold on to stress, be kind, always love, and be a light to everyone I meet. Hopefully by reading my blog, you’ll find some of my sunshine to take and make your own.




10 thoughts on “About

  1. notsosupergirl says:

    It was almost an accident that I found this blog, but God knew what he was doing. I have no idea who you are or anything more about you than whtat you post on this blog. I only wanted to follow a Christian teen writer’s blog and encourage them as well as I could. I’m a new blogger. I have had my blog for only a week. I read your posts and I do find that I agree with most of them, considering I’m a teen writer as well (though a couple years younger). I read about your moving and felt something stir inside me. I was debating when to publish a post that dealt with the same thing and after that, I knew I should. I really enjoy reading what you write, you seem to be very insightful about a lot of issues people face. I would like you to read my blog, if you haven’t already, and tell me what you think. It’s http://notsosupergirl.wordpress.com. You’ve been blogging for a good bit longer than I have, and if you have any advice, I gladly welcome it. Meanwhile, I’ll be praying for you and your blog, that it will bless many people and that God will use you in ways you never imagined. Remember Zeph. 3:13 (MSG). I look foward to reading your next post. 🙂

    • Abby R says:

      I think that when I created this blog, God was preparing me to impact people like you: teenagers exploring, questioning, and learning in God’s word. I had a look at your blog and you’ve got great stuff! I can tell that it’s all coming from your heart. God is doing wonderful and awesome things in your life! I have to admit that before now I had never read a single word of Zephaniah. After I saw it mentioned in your comment and on your blog, I looked it up and started reading. I know that it’s a short book, but I read the whole thing! I’m definitely going to go back and check it out again and again. Thank you very very much for the prayers, I cannot wait for your next post or wait to see what God does in your life!

    • Abby says:

      Self-development is one of the main focuses of my life; I figure I can’t make others’ lives better if I don’t make my life better!

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