The Best Vegan Burger Ever!

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 2.34.59 PM.png

I’ve enjoyed following a (mostly) vegan diet for a while, exploring how to eat and cook creatively without any animal products. However, I had yet to find a vegan burger recipe that came close to surpassing its meat counterpart (most didn’t come close!). Until I found this recipe. No joke, I would gladly take this vegan burger over a regular burger any day, and that’s coming from a former carnivore! Even if you’re not vegan, I’d definitely suggest giving this recipe a try!

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A Weekend Trip to Pennsylvania

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Hello Spring! It seems I’ve been hibernating for a while as winter finally decided to put out some cold weather and snow, but the sun has come out and so have I! This past weekend a friend invited me to the Philadelphia Flower Show and the American Watercolor exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I thoroughly enjoyed both and thought I’d document it for you to see. Enjoy!

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December 2016 Favorites

DC Christmas Tree 2016.png

Hey everyone! I’m doing these favorites a little earlier in the month because a) I kinda forgot to do my November favorites (whoops) b) I have a whole lot of favorites and the month is barely half-way over and c) I have so much planned for later in the month, I won’t have time to publish it! So here are some of my favorite things from the past couple weeks. Enjoy!!

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How To Stay Sane During Finals

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It’s that time of year where students flood the library and late-night caffeine is a necessity: Finals are here! It can get super stressful during finals week, so here are some tips to help you stay sane. I’ve tried all of these and they definitely work, so if you find yourself feeling a bit panicky or stressed, take a moment and try one of these suggestions. Hopefully it’ll help you power through the week!

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The Excess Experiment: Media & Waste


My experiment with excess continues, and I realized these past two weeks that I have more excess in my life than I thought. When asked if I thought I was environmentally friendly, I’d always say “Yes!”, and I (somewhat) pride myself in not being addicted to social media. But I found out this week that there’s still a lot more excess in those two areas than I originally thought.

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