October Favorites

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October is probably my favorite month (I was born during this month after all!), and I’ve loved the slow change of colors in the mountains and the gradual cooling of the weather. There’s nothing better than smelling decaying leaves while sipping on a warm drink. Those aren’t my only favorites from this month though!




Bible Verse: “Perhaps you were born for such a time as this” -Esther 4:14
I randomly came across this verse one day, and it is such an inspirational verse for me. Some of my favorite verses like Jeremiah 29:11 and Proverbs 16:3 talk about God being in control of my future, which is super awesome and a great comfort on some days. But sometimes I forget that I have a purpose right now. God has a plan for me every single day, and this verse made me think about what His plan is for me in college. I’m pretty sure I know, and it’s important that I keep that in my brain as I go about my daily activities. God is always working, and any individual moment could be the reason I was created.


Picture: Twins!! 🎃🎃Twins!!.png
This is one of the pictures I took while visiting the pumpkin patch I mentioned in my “Fun Fall Activities” post. I had picked out these two small pumpkins, and somehow the idea of a maternity shot popped into my head. And voilà, twins! That was such a fun day spent with friends, and I’m glad we got some fun pictures to remember the day with. I have yet to carve the pumpkins, but my babies will be getting some faces soon!



Experience: Hiking and Pumpkin Patching
I mentioned both of these activities in my post last week, and they were so much fun I just have to mention them again! It was great to spend time with my friends and enjoy the outdoors. It was extremely windy and cold, but those good times kept my heart warm. I hope to go hiking again soon before it gets too cold, but in the mean time I’ve enjoyed walking around outdoors in the brisk air and on the crunchy leaves. As for my pumpkins, they may not be jack-o-lanterns yet, but they’re currently adding a nice autumnal look to my desk.


Food: All the Fall Foods!!cinnamon-apples-slices
Pumpkin bread, apple cider, yummy soups, cinnamon apples, Halloween candy … the list goes on and on! I’ve been enjoying all of these delicious treats over the past few weeks, and I’m loving it! I really enjoyed the pumpkin bread I bought at the local farmers market and the cinnamon apples slices I made last week. They were sooo good and lots of people stopped by the dorm kitchen to see what was making such a delicious smell.



Place: Home ❤️
Being completely honest, I’m pretty homesick right now. I really miss my family: the meals we eat together, hanging out on the couch together, and everything else we do as a unit. I’ve thought about going home, but college life keeps me busy! Thanksgiving break is only a few weeks away though, so I’ll tough it out and be even more thankful to be home.


Exercise: BarreDance.png
A fun fact about me is I danced for 13 years! From age 3 to age 16, I was in the studio weekly, flouncing in a tutu or leaping across the room. I switched to swimming my junior year of high school and really enjoyed my time doing that too! However, I’ll always have that dancer inside of me, and this class takes me back to my dancing days. It’s definitely more of an exercise class (combining ballet, pilates, and yoga), but when I’m doing pliés while daintily holding on the the bar (and trying not to fall over), I feel like a little ballerina again.


Song: “Be Still” – The Fray
I actually found this song yesterday, and in the midst of the college rush, it was a nice reminder to slow down and breathe. This past summer, God really taught me how to be still in His presence, and this song refreshed those lessons in my mind. If you’re feeling anxious or caught up in life, take a few minutes to listen to this. It’s simple and short, but a powerful reminder to take a break, take care of yourself, and remember that God is in control.


Outfit: Jack-O-Lantern SweatshirtJack-O-Lantern Sweatshirt.png
This is a treasured piece of clothing that I’m only able to bring out once a year because well, it’s for Halloween! Not only is it super cute, but it also glows in the dark, which makes it so much more fun. I enjoyed pairing it with some black pants and striped socks, which pulled the outfit together nicely!





I hope you’re enjoying the fall weather! What are some of your favorites from October?





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