The Excess Experiment: Clothes

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As someone who loves clothes, I didn’t think forming outfits from seven items of clothing would be fun, but I actually loved it! This week I experimented with a capsule wardrobe, utilizing layers and accessories to create cute outfits while keeping my wardrobe simple. Keep reading to see the other outfits I came up with!




First off, I’m rather glad my experimentation with clothing was this week instead of in the middle of November because I didn’t have to factor in a coat or other layers. Secondly, I actually enjoyed experimenting with excess this week. Cutting back on clothing options is kind of like the popularized “capsule wardrobe”, which I’ve been interested to try for a while. I picked out some simple clothes at the beginning of the week, and each day I used my creativity to come up with a cute outfit. In fact, the thought of “I could probably actually do this for real life” popped into my head. Right now it’s just a thought, but who knows what the future holds!

So, the details. Just like in the book, I excluded undergarments as well as my gym clothes because as a college student, I cannot afford to do laundry every day! Along these same lines, I chose small categories of clothing (e.g. striped top) so that I could wear the same style of clothing, but not wear dirty clothes for the latter half of the week. So what clothing items did I choose?

  1. Striped top
  2. Black shorts
  3. Chambray shirt
  4. Jeans
  5. Cream top
  6. T-shirt
  7. Sweater/jacket

It’s definitely a neutral wardrobe, but having a small number of simple clothes made getting dressed so much easier. On Monday morning, I got dressed in less than three minutes! For my excess experiment, I didn’t count accessories because I am a bit of a fashionista, and I enjoyed centering my outfit on one special item instead of the whole outfit. Plus, I did some research on capsule wardrobes and most have at least twelve items, so I decided a few necklaces wouldn’t hurt!

Here are my outfits for the week!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m quite proud of how I came up with cute outfits given the small amount of clothing options I had! For the weekend, I randomly threw together a combination of those clothes because I didn’t really care what I looked like since I wouldn’t be out and about as much.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were probably my favorite outfits, but I still enjoyed them all!

So although last week’s excess experiment with food didn’t turn out as expected, I think this week was a success in keeping with the rules and exploring my excess in clothing. If you’re looking for something similar, I really liked the alternative options she gave in the book (page 47), just in case wearing seven clothing items isn’t feasible (’cause let’s be honest, a girl’s gotta have her clothes!).

Would you ever try a capsule wardrobe? What kind of outfits would you create?



The Excess Experiment: Introduction 



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