The Personalized Pouch: Part 2

The Personalized Pouch_4

Earlier this summer I created a personalized pouch perfect for stylish storage. While the florals on my first pouch made it pretty and feminine, I decided this time to use a sophisticated pattern with a pop of color. I think it turned out super cute!





If you haven’t read my original Personalized Pouch post, I’d recommend checking it out! It has specific instructions on how to make the pouch, as well as pictures from my first attempt at making them. I was very happy with how they turned out, and they were great gifts for some of my friends. This time, I changed a couple of design details to create a whole different look! I love how these came out, and I plan to make some more in the same fashion.

The Personalized Pouch_1

So what did I change?

The first thing was making the interfacing and material the same size. By sewing the interfacing together instead of just the fabric, the pouch is sturdier and keeps its shape better. The dimensions I used were 8″x5″. I found it’s a great size to keep lots of small things in, but not too big and bulky that you can’t easily carry it around or slip it in a bag.

The Personalized Pouch_2

The second detail I changed was sewing further away from the zipper. This not only allowed the zipper to move more freely, but it also included more of the bright pop of color! I love how the coloring of the zipper and the letter match, creating a unified “fun but sophisticated” look. I have plans for more colors soon!

The Personalized Pouch_4

The final change was how I sewed the letter. For my first personalized pouch, I outlined the letter by using a regular stitch and going over it multiple times. This time I used the button stitch to create a thicker and more finished look. I love how it came out, and I got a lot of practice with manipulating my sewing machine to get the curves. Some of the curves were so small however, that I did hand-sew a little bit. It all came out looking beautiful! The cursive adds just a touch more of femininity, and I plan to continue that design.

The Personalized Pouch_3

And voilà! “The Personalized Pouch: Part 2” was a success, and I am even more in love with this pattern. I’ve made a whole bunch for my friends and family for Christmas, so I can’t wait for the season to come around! There are so many good uses for the pouches, and they are quick, easy, and super stylish!

What would you put in your personalized pouch?



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