Healthy 2 Ingredient “Ice Cream”

Healthy 2 Ingredient Ice Cream_4.pngNothing says summer like ice cream! I’m getting excited for fall, but for those still holding on to the sunshine, beaches, and lazy days, here’s a recipe for you! Not only is it super delicious, but it’s incredibly easy and healthy too! Win, win!




While this ice cream is the easiest thing you’ll ever make, it does take a good bit of time because everything has to freeze! However, it was nice to pop things in the freezer and continue about my day, knowing that at the end of the day I would have an amazing treat. Once you get the basics of this recipe, there are endless variations to try!

All you will need for this recipe is two bananas, a cup of fruit of your choice (I chose strawberries), a bowl, and a blender. That’s all!

The first step is probably the most important: Peel the bananas! I unfortunately did not peel mine before sticking them in the freezer, so when I was ready to begin my recipe, I found myself with two banana rocks, with rock-solid peels as well. I had to wait for them to defrost to peel them and then stick them back into the freezer. Moral of the story, always peel the bananas first!

The second step is to chop up your fruit and place it in the freezer. I chose strawberries which came out with a delicious tangy flavor in addition to the creaminess of the bananas. Freeze the fruit until it is rock solid.

Third, once the fruit is completely frozen, place it in a blender and blend it up! I used my NutriBullet, though a regular blender will probably suffice. You may need to add a little liquid. I’d suggest water, juice, or milk. You want the texture to be thick, but smoothish.

Healthy 2 Ingredient Ice Cream_2

Depending on whether your mixture is still pretty frozen or not, you may need this extra step. If you like your ice cream a little firmer, place mixture into a bowl and place it back in the freezer for a couple of hours. I checked on mine every hour or so until it had hardened, but was still easily scoop-able.

Healthy 2 Ingredient Ice Cream_3

Step five: Eat it! This is definitely the most fun step, and the most delicious one too! I didn’t add milk to mine, so it came out a bit more like sherbet, but still absolutely delicious. It was a great cold treat for a warm summer day!

Healthy 2 Ingredient Ice Cream_1

What kind of healthy ice cream will you make? Earlier this year I made a healthy peanut butter and chocolate ice cream, which you can find here. I can’t wait for summer to come around again so I can try out some more variations!

I hope the end to your summer is a great one!




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