The Floral Trend

Floral Cover.png

If there’s one thing I’ve loved this summer, it’s florals. Whether it’s the flowers in my garden or the floral fabric of my outfits, I’ve been surrounded by beautiful colors of nature. I noticed all the flowery outfits I’ve worn lately, and decided to share them with you! Some are homemade and some are not, but all of them put me in a happy, summery mood!




First off: the outfits! Besides looking at nature, hanging out with friends/family, and earning some summer income, I’ve spent the past four months sewing up a storm! I started off with a personalized pouch for some of my graduating friends, a pair of pink overalls for myself, and have recently gotten a head start of my Christmas presents. The following dress and skirts came into being around the beginning of the summer, so I’ve enjoyed them a lot! All six outfits are bright, pretty, and fun editions to my wardrobe, and I’ll be sad when summer comes to a close and they’ll hibernate in my closet for a while. But until then, here are my floral outfits!

When I planned my summer dress, I wanted something light and casual that I could wear to church, but also something I could wear to a picnic with friends. After picking up this cute floral print, I was ready to go! I used the Cynthia Rowley 1873 pattern, and I’m pretty happy with how it came out! I love the flow and feel of the fabric and have worn it many times to many events!
The skirt on the right is one of the simplest patterns a sewer can make. I had some leftover fabric from a previous sewing project, and all I did was cut a large rectangle, gather it, and attach a waistband and zipper. Voila! The one thing I don’t like about this skirt is the bottom circumference is tight, which makes me walk like a penguin. Not the sophisticated look I’m going for. I plan to make a side slit to allow for my regular stride.

I also made these two skirts, using the pattern Simplicity 2226. The one on the left is actually the second thing I ever sewed! The skirt on the right has a white floral pattern that almost looks like lace. When I first made these skirts, I liked to wear everything at my hips instead of my waist, which was the style at that time. Since I now like to wear everything at my waist, I had to take the waistline in, which wasn’t too hard to do (after I figured out the best way to do it!). I like how they flatter my figure and have a cute and fun pattern, but are also modest and formal enough I can wear to events. I’m starting to realize that a versatile wardrobe is the best kind of wardrobe!

These two vintage outfits came from my great-aunt, and I’ve fallen in love with them! If I had to choose another era to live in, I would definitely choose the 1950s, which is where these came from. The skirt on the left is a smaller floral pattern with buttons down the front, and I love how it still looks fashionable even though it’s over half a century old! The outfit on the right is actually a top and bottom piece, and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. The crop top and high waisted (elastic) skirt are made of a super comfy material and look gorgeous with a pearl necklace and earrings. Even if I’m not bold enough to wear the two together, they’re easy enough to pair with other clothing, adding a touch of vintage to a modern outfit.

When I’m not wearing my florals, I’m taking pictures of them! If a flower catches my attention, I can’t help but take a snapshot! Earlier this summer I went to the Botanical Gardens in Washington D.C. and took a bunch of photos there. There are so many beautiful flowers there! Orchids are one of my favorite types of flowers, so I absolutely loved walking through a room full of them.


If you’ve never been to the Botanical Gardens before, I’d really encourage you to go! I spent about 45 minutes to an hour doing a quick visit. I can’t wait to go back because there is always so much to look at, and there’s something about looking at plants that is very relaxing and enjoyable. Next time I think I’ll bring my sketch pad and sit on one of the benches for a while to draw. There’s so much beauty to capture!



Have you found an abundance of flowers blooming in your life?



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