DIY Pink Overalls

Pink Overalls Cover

What do you get when you have a favorite pair of overalls and a bunch of pink fabric? DIY (semi-reversible) pink overalls! This is my first project I’ve done without a pattern, and I think they turned out great!






I am a huge fan of pink. Especially the pastel, rosey pink that I used for these overalls. The color makes me feel feminine and cute, while the overalls make me feel tough and comfortable. AKA a great combination! I recently wore them to Together 2016, an event in DC where near 1 million people gathered to worship God. The event was an awesome experience, and I enjoyed wearing my pink overalls. I created a pattern by laying fabric on top of my current overalls and tracing around the pieces. I created a mock-up and went from there. In some places the overalls look a bit frumpy or the fabric doesn’t sit quite well, and that’s because they’re actually reversible (more on that later). Each layer only took a few hours to cut out and sew together (so a super fun, quick, and easy project!), but putting the two layers together took me quite a few days. I’m definitely going to make another pair, but never ever again will I make them reversible!

If you look on the side, I created a flap so I could button on either side when reversed. However, I’m not a huge fan of the design, so I might sew the buttons onto the inside for a cleaner look. Next time I’ll probably do the standard overall buttons and buckles.


Now for the explanation. I originally planned to make these overalls reversible because I had two different pink fabrics and couldn’t decide which one I liked the best, but after struggling through 95% of making it reversible, I gave up. You can see the other fabric on the rolled up shorts (they’re extremely similar, so if you can’t see the difference, don’t fret). Both sides are wearable, but the “inside” doesn’t have pockets or buttons. I bought the buckles thinking it would be reversible (they’re actually fashion belt buckles), and though they’re not being used for their original purpose, they work pretty well. (Also, my mom thinks the straps would look better sewed instead of tied. What do you think?)

I really enjoyed the design part of this project, as well as sewing something that is unique and goes well with my personality! I’m thinking my future may involve some velvet or a fun denim print. We’ll have to wait and see!

Here are some more photos of my overalls!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Pink Overalls

    • Abby says:

      Thank you! They were so much fun to make, and even more fun to wear! I checked out your blog, and we have a lot of stuff in common (I loved you 50 Random Facts)! I would list them all, but there are so many! 🙂

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