The Joy of Baking

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“She discovered she could have her cake and eat it too. She just needed to put on her prettiest apron and bake it.”

I needed a way to liven up my summer, and so I picked up baking. Not only have I created yummy masterpieces the past few weeks, but I’ve found an activity that makes my summer a lot more fun. In all my dishes, I have one special ingredient that takes my baking over-the-top: Snapchat.


I recently discovered a new passion: baking. I’ve always loved creating food and have posted about some of my creations, but baking has become a bigger part of my life lately. Not only do I enjoy creating delicious foods, but it’s become a bit of a therapy. And what’s better than therapy and cake? Not much! I’ve actually taken it one step further and combined two of my passions to create something spectacular (if I may boast a bit!). The two special ingredients? Baking and Snapchat.

But before I reveal how those two very different ingredients create a yummy masterpiece, I want to talk a bit more about why I’ve started baking more. It began when I was reading Simplify by Bill Hybels (which I mentioned in my June Favorites post). I read the first chapter on replenishing energy reserves, and one suggestion it had was to do something that you love doing. I’m pretty sure it actually mentioned baking, but I decided that day to spend a couple hours and bake. I loved it and it made my day so much better. Since then, every time I feel the least bit down I look in my fridge, search through Pinterest, and then create some sort of masterpiece. The start of my summer wasn’t the best as I moseyed around my house and tried to find a job, but because I decided to focus on doing things I love, I’m enjoying my summer a whole lot more.

So what does Snapchat have to do with it?

Well, for some reason I decided to Snapchat my baking adventure. I’ve always enjoyed creating movies and plays (especially the directing part), so I guess I thought it might be fun. Little did I know that I would start creating those videos at least once a week. It kind of combines two creative things I love: baking and directing. Unfortunately I can’t upload videos, but the stories mostly involve me taking selfies with flour on my face and making a bunch of mistakes, though everything has turned out great so far.

What have I baked? Carrot bread, sweet potato bread, 4 pound cakes, 2 types of cookies, and greek yogurt “cheesecake” souffles (my latest creation!). I’ve also cooked a plethora of different pasta dishes. I hope to keep baking and cooking, using my creative juices to make delicious things! (Though maybe I should consider making healthier foods …)

What is one thing you enjoy doing, and what’s your favorite thing to bake?




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