Photos From My Past


I’ve seen quite a few bloggers and youtubers recently taking a trip back down memory lane by scrolling through the photos on their phone and then choosing one at random. I’ve decided that today I’ll do the same! I have a couple years worth of photos on my device, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes up. Here we go!





#1 Spring Fling


This picture was taken about two months ago, and it’s at an event hosted by Intervaristy, the Christian club I am a member of at college. It was a fun night of dressing up and dancing to the beat. The other girls in the photo are gals in my small group (aka “Drops of Jupiter”), and they are such lovely women of God. That was a great night and I can’t wait for next year’s Spring Fling!


#2 Christmas Treats


Mmmmmmm … this one is making me hungry! The day I got home for Christmas break, my family had our annual Christmas Tree Decorating Party, and my mother created the most delicious spread to snack on! At the top right are the peanut butter balls, which are one of my favorite holiday treats. I also love the peppermint Hersey kisses. But I’ll eat anything sweet or chocolatey, especially around the holidays!


#3 All-Night Grad


I love these photos so much because that day (my high school graduation) is one of my proudest accomplishments. These pictures were taken with my good friend Hannah at our All-Night Grad party. We had so much fun there, though it was so sad to say goodbye! However, adventures with friends are always popping up in life, and there will always be pictures to remember the good times.


#4 Wild Hair


This is a picture my friend Becky took a couple years ago when I had long hair. Though it made a cool picture, my long hair was a bit of a nuisance and I usually wore it up in a messy bun. I love having my short hair, but sometimes I do miss the cool things I could do with my long hair!


#5 Hydrangeas


I love this picture so much, and I love the flowers in the picture too! These were sitting on my kitchen table, and the way the light filtered through the petals was too irresistible not to take a photo. I love the purple and bright light through the window. Now I want to go explore my garden and see what flowers are blooming this year!


#6 Selfie


Selfie-alert! I used to take a lot more selfies than I do now. Whenever I felt happy or confident or my outfit/hair was on point, I’d take a selfie. My camera roll is full of them! (though to be honest, most people probably have a bunch of selfies). I was smiling then, and I’m still smiling now, so I guess life is still good!


What kinds of photos are stored on your device?



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