June Favorites

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Hello everyone!

If you haven’t noticed, today is the last day of June, and I decided to do something new on my blog and write a post about my monthly favorites! So many things this past month have made my life better in some way, and I thought I’d share them all with you. Let’s get going!




Book: Simplify by Bill Hybels
41NkIKSmPPL._AC_UL320_SR214,320_I picked this book up randomly on a day I had nothing to do, and good thing I did! This is the kind of book that makes you reevaluate your life and then change it for the better! And that’s what happened for me. I’m taking it slowly, and though I’m only a few chapters in, my life has improved so much in simple ways. Simplifying isn’t just getting rid of extra stuff; it’s focusing your life on yourself and what really matters. The first chapter talks about refueling (which I definitely needed to do), and the second chapter focused on organizing your schedule, which I found helpful even though I’m currently moseying around the house without a job. If you feel like you’re rushing around a frantic or cluttered life, read this book!


Exercise: HIIT
You may be wondering, What on earth is HIIT? Is it some kind of boxing? Well, not exactly. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. In other words it’s doing very active exercises for small time increments, over and over again. I started taking HIIT classes this past semester, and after a few classes, I fell in love. One of the best things about it is I can do it here at home. I picked exercises that I could do at home, wrote them out on a sheet of paper, and the started exercising with a timer. Let me know if you’d like a “Summer Workout Routine” post for more details about HIIT and other exercises I do!


Food: HummusHummus
If you’ve been on my blog sometime in the past few weeks, you may have noticed I dedicated an entire post to hummus. I freakin’ love hummus! I’m pretty much addicted at this point. It’s simple, healthy, delicious, and an easy snack or side dish. What more could a girl ask for? Check out my other post for a yummy recipe!



Clothing: Black-and-White Striped dress
I wear this dress all. the. time. As a result, most of my summer pictures include me wearing it, so it almost looks like I wear nothing else! I love it not only because it is loose and flowy and super comfortable, but also because I can pair it with almost anything. A pretty spring day with lots of flowers in bloom? How about a bright summer scarf. A slightly chilly summer evening? Pair it with a jean jacket/vest. Going out for dinner? I light sweater or a pretty necklace is a perfect match. I love how versatile it is, and I plan to do a post on this soon, so keep an eye out for that!


Picture: Hydrangeas
IMG_1724It was so hard to pick just one picture! I’ve taken so many pictures in my garden, with friends, in my garden, yummy food, and did I mention my garden? God has been showering me with beautiful flowers, and I can’t help but take photo after photo of them. I couldn’t help but include them in my personalized pouch post. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, so I especially loved when God sent me these one morning. I enjoyed sitting next to them during my quiet time, enjoying their beautiful color and smell.


Bible Verse: “Be still and know that I am God.” -Psalm 46:10
This verse runs through my head every day because I’m usually running around during the summer, going on trips, meeting people, doing fun things, but this summer God is telling me to be still and wait in His presence. I never thought waiting would be hard for me (usually He’s telling me to go), but I really struggled with it at first. I’m not going to Haiti this year, and that hit me really hard. I’m struggling to find a job, and most of my college friends live a few hours away. I’m learning that God doesn’t just want me to do things for Him; He wants to know me, and He wants me to know Him. Getting to know and (somewhat) understand my Creator is something I’m beginning to love and crave. My maker is fascinated with me. That’s just such a cool thought, and one I’m learning to explore by being still in His presence.


Place: My Backyard
IMG_1610.jpgMy backyard is my little slice of heaven. Though I live in a townhouse in the greater D.C. area, my backyard is a peaceful garden with small delights everywhere I look. If I’m in the mood to just chill or nap, the hammock under the leafy sycamore tree is the perfect spot. If I want to do a bit of blogging or morning quiet time, the glass table and comfy chairs under the umbrella is a great spot. If I want to watch the chipmunks run around and the breeze play through the trees, the lounge under the wisteria is the place to be. I think God knows I love the outdoors, and He’s given me a spot to relax and enjoy His nature masterpiece.


Experience: Being with my little sister
This isn’t a specific experience, but a collection of the time I’ve spent with my little sister this past month. Before I went away to college, it had been just the two of us for three years while my older sister was at college, so being away from my little sister for a whole year was tough! I missed her a lot, but I’ve definitely been getting my big sister brownie points by attending her band concerts, dance recitals, and spending time together at home. Today we played cards for over an hour, singing out-of-tune opera and laughing until our stomachs hurt.


Color: Pantone 136Pantone 1365
Orange is my favorite color, but instead of the bright, neon orange I usually go for, this muted cream-cycle orange has been popping up everywhere. From the mango popsicles I eat after lunch to the beautiful orange roses in my garden, I’ve been seeing this color everywhere, and I love it! It has the energy of a warmer color, but also is muted enough that it gives off the relaxing vibes of summer vacation.


Are any of these on your list of June favorites? Let me know what some of your favorites were this month!





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