Cool Quotes for Summertime


Summer is finally in full swing, and with the sunshine and warm breezes comes the feeling of fresh opportunities and adventures waiting to happen. I have a couple goals for the summer (getting into shape, eating healthier, decluttering my life, and rebuilding my relationship with God), and I’ve taken to Pinterest to find some inspirational and motivational quotes. Here are just a few I’ve found recently.






The first couple weeks of summer, I definitely embodied this quote. I didn’t have a job and a bunch of my friends were still in school, so I spent my days soaking up sun in my hammock, eating fruit popsicles and enjoying the lazy life. Those empty days were also great to remind myself who I am because honestly, I had gotten a bit lost the last month of college. I had begun to question a lot of what I believed and my relationship with God was placed on the back burner. Thankfully, I’ve got my mind straight and have goals in mind to focus on God and His marvelous plan for my life!




This quote feeds off of the previous one in that I am strengthening my determination and discipline to rebuild my relationship with God. Not just my relationship either, but other aspects that come from that. I’m working on my temple (my body), my mind, my beliefs, and I am determined to achieve victory in my pursuits (with the help of God, of course!)





In my pursuits, I’ve had to remember that every small step is an achievement. When I’m working out, I often become disappointed when I don’t see results, even after a few weeks. In fact, my one-month-progress photo looked worse than my before picture! But I’m feeling better, and that’s what matters. Also, life isn’t all about the physical changes, but it’s about the lifestyle changes. I’m becoming a better person by creating schedules and healthy habits and doing activities I enjoy. Every day I have small successes, and they should be celebrated!




This is a great reminder that life isn’t always going to be great, and that’s okay. While “sunshine” helps us keep a positive outlook on life, “rain” helps us grow too. This summer I’m not able to travel, and that took a while for me to accept. I wanted a summer of excitement and new experiences, but instead I have a summer of being still and listening to God. And most days I’m enjoying to immensely. We need slow times in our lives in order to enjoy (and recover from) the fast paced times. It’s all about learning to dance in the rain.





Hopefully you’ve noticed in this post that this summer I’m focusing a lot on my relationship with God. This final quote hit me hard when I first saw it because I’ve been very guilty of not praying and reading my Bible. And it’s not that I’ve been busy; I’ve been relaxing in the sun and browsing online for days. I haven’t had my priorities straight, but I’ve deleted some apps and simplified my life a bit in order to give God the time He deserves. Every day I strive to be a better and stronger Woman of God in order to glorify His name.


Hopefully you enjoyed these quotes! There are so many good ones out there, and if you want to see some of the others I enjoy, head over to my Pinterest page. What are some of your favorite quotes?



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