Braided Crown Tutorial

Braided Crown Cover

I absolutely love looking through the hair tutorials on Pinterest, and a few weeks ago I was sitting in my room with nothing to do, so I decided to try out one of the hairstyles. I’m not very good at French/Dutch braiding and my hair is quite short, but this hairstyle worked like a charm on the first try! Amazed that this beautiful hairstyle was so easy, I’ve created a tutorial so you can try it too!




This hairstyle works best on 2+ day-old hair, and I found that it hides greasy hair extremely well. Having slightly “older” hair helps the braid keep its form. Make sure you’ve brushed out any knots or tangles, and then give it a try! Instructions are below following the pictures.

Braided Crown Cover



  1. Grab a section of hair from the back of your head, behind your ear.
  2. Begin dutch braiding across the top of your head.
  3. Continue around the side of your head.
  4. Once you run out of hair to add, finish with a braid.
  5. Pin the loose braid under the base of your head, connecting it with your starting point.
  6. Gently pull on the sections of hair to create a fuller look.
  7. Bobby-pin any extra pieces of hair that stick out.
  8. Add more pins or gently pull some more until you are satisfied with the look!


The first time I wore this out, my friends started singing songs from The Sound of Music because my braid reminded them of the hairstyles worn in the movie. I got so many compliments that day! This quick and easy hairstyle was fun to do and wear, and worked well with my short hair. I can’t wait to try out more hairstyles!



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