My Happiness Project: Social Media

Social Media Cover

Social media is one of the best ways to connect with people and maintain relationships, but it’s also a great curse. To combat the comparison and wasting of time that social media creates, I’m disconnecting with social media in order to reconnect with the great life I have the pleasure of living. Will you?





Social media. One of the greatest blessings and one of the greatest curses of life. I’m part of the last generation that didn’t start life with a laptop and iPhone in my hand, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t found its way into my life. I, like many people around the globe, have formed a relationship with social media, and while it croons in my ear that I’m better off because of it, I’m actually being poisoned along with most everyone else.

See, it started off well: Facebook and Instagram were created to connect people and their lives in order to create or maintain relationships. Now, we “friend” and “follow” people we’ve never met. People who will never talk to us. Social media has turned into a place to observe the highlights of others’ lives. Observe vs. connect. We’re spending hours of our lives looking at small snapshots of others’ lives. We’re looking through the windows of their houses and not going in to talk with them.

Now, I’m not trying to bash social media; like I said before, it started off with a good purpose. And it is a good way to connect and maintain relationships. In moderation. So, as the next part of my Happiness Project, I’m cutting down on my time on social media platforms. Notice I said “cutting down” and not “getting rid of”. I’m giving myself thirty minutes a day for social media. I think that’s enough time to make sure everyone in my life is doing okay, and a good limit to prevent the scrolling and scrolling and scrolling that currently happens on a daily basis.

I’m excited to start this journey and see how my life changes because of it. Hopefully, I’ll use the time I currently waste online to do something that makes me happy. Something productive or that adds value to my life. I really can’t wait. Another reason I want to do this is because of comparison. No matter what I say, I do compare my life to the snapshots online. And as we all know, but don’t really take to heart, the pictures and stories online don’t include half of what’s actually going on. I’m part of that too. I don’t put the ugly stuff online. I’m sure a lot of people look at my life online and think I have a pretty perfect life. And I don’t. My life is nowhere near perfect, but it is a good one, and I want to spend more time enjoying it.

So as I disconnect from social media to reconnect with my life, I challenge you to do the same. Whether for a week, a month, the rest of lent, or beyond, limit your time on social media. Whether that’s cutting back to two hours a day, thirty minutes, or even going cold turkey if that’s what you need, I encourage you to do it. Don’t be controlled by your electronics and others’ “perfect” lives. If you look around, you may start to realize that the life you live is actually pretty great. And it’s all yours.

As a final bit of motivation, here’s a video that resurfaced on my Facebook feed yesterday. I love listening to the spoken word, and there is such truth in what he says. I encourage you to listen to it and open your heart and mind to really think about his message.

“I imagine a world where we smile when we have low batteries because that’s means we’ll be one bar closer to humanity.”



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