Valentine’s Day Dress

Valentine's Dress Cover

Even though I don’t have a date this evening, I’m still celebrating this day of love with my home-sewn Valentine’s Day dress!







I may not have a date for Valentine’s, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dress up and look super cute!

Valentine's Dress Cover

A while back my great aunt gave me some fabric she had found somewhere in her house. One of those fabrics was this gorgeous red heart print.


As soon as I saw it, I knew it would make a super cute dress. This is one of my best made dresses so far. I properly used bias tape, and the dress looks finished (in my intermediate-seamstress opinion).




The pattern I used was my trusty Simplicity 1425, which is actually a peplum top pattern. To create the dress, I added on quite a few inches onto the peplum part of the shirt to create the skirt part of the dress. It worked out very well, though I should’ve added on a few more inches. The pattern comes with different necklines for the peplum, and I decided to go with the sleeveless and lower neckline, which I had never sewn before.








The first time I finished the dress (yes, you may start cringing now), I tried it on only to find that the neckline gaped outward: a very immodest look. It was waaaaaaay too loose. So, I went back, seam-ripping the bias tape and beautiful seams until I had the bodice and straps separate. To make the top fit better, I moved the straps closer to the center by about an inch each. Because of the curved slope of the neckline, I also had to add on a few more inches on the strap.




After trying the dress on to make sure it fit, I sewed it all back together, and voila! I had my Valentine’s Day dress!




Happy Valentine’s Day!



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