God’s Greatest Gifts to Me

I just want to explore the world God created for me

God is an awesome giver. He’s blessed me in so many ways, but these three gifts in particular have changed and shaped my life in incredible ways, and I am eternally grateful.






God has given me some pretty awesome gifts. These three in particular have impacted my life in incredible ways, and I’ve done nothing to deserve them. The best gift God ever gave me was Jesus (salvation). He’s also gifted me a passion for Haiti (purpose). And finally, He’s gifted me with wonderful friends and family (support). Because of these three gifts, I am who I am today, and I could not be more happy or thankful for His blessings.

Salvation. The greatest and most important gift God ever gave me was Salvation. Because Jesus lived a perfect life and died on the cross, I am free and can live without the fear of death. When I accepted Jesus into my life, I died in that instant, and I have been living in my eternal life since then. Sometime this past year I realized in a big way how important salvation is in my life and how without Jesus, I may not have been here right now. This is the greatest gift ever, and I’ve done nothing to deserve it. God even gave the opportunity of salvation to those who shun and ridicule Him. He is so great. It is because of His salvation that I am alive, I have joy, and I have hope and a future.

Purpose. Through different mission projects and trips, eventually leading to my trips in Haiti, God has given me a purpose for my life. My soul is set to work and live in Haiti after I graduate college. It might be for just one year, or it might be for more. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing either (I’d love to teach English), but whatever I do, I know God’s hand will be with me, fulfilling His will in Haiti and in my life. I realized my purpose during my last trip to Haiti, and since then I’d been searching and searching for an internship or job that would pay for me to work in Haiti. After months and months of searching, nothing came up. I was getting very discouraged. However, over Christmas break, my aunt told me about an organization called Samaritan’s Purse that has international internships. The Friday before I returned to school, I went on their website and started looking through their internship page. As I read through the information, I started to cry (aka sobbing uncontrollably) because it was exactly what I was looking for. The internships are paid, in Haiti, and during good times of the year for me. It was definitely a gift from God. So yes, I hope to intern with Samaritan’s purse in a few summers and after college (prayers about this would be lovely!) and experience God working in Haiti and in myself.

Support. Last but definitely not least is God’s gift of family and friends who support me in all aspects of my life. Because of them, I’ve become who I am, and I love being me. Through moving houses and coming to college, I’ve learned how important friends and family are in my life. They are what keep my happy and sane. They continually push me to do my best, and they are always there when I’m at my worst. A lot of people don’t have the support of a good family or a good group of friends, but I’ve been blessed with both, and I am so thankful.


God’s given me a world to explore, friends and family to support me, and salvation to spread all across the globe.






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