Thirty Sayings of the Wise: Reflection

30 wise sayings  reflection cover

To begin my journey on becoming a woman of God, I read a wise saying each day for the month of January. The question is, have I become any wiser?







For those of you who are new to my blog or need a little catching up, my goal for 2016 is to become a woman of God. I’ve decided to set a schedule of Bible and life studies throughout the year to help me figure out what it means to be a woman of God and how I become one. For the month of January, I focused on the Thirty Sayings of the Wise in Proverbs. Here is my evaluation on how my study went and what I learned.

At first it seemed like a daily Bible study wasn’t going to be too hard (I’ve never really done a consistent daily quiet time before), but at the time I was on winter break, spending my days inside my house, lounging about with plenty of time to read, reflect, and write. When I returned to college, writing about what I read became a lot harder (though I did try to read a saying every day). It wasn’t because I didn’t have time; I purposefully created a later class schedule so I have the mornings free to do whatever I want. The first three weeks of the semester were a pretty rough adjustment for some reason, and because of that my consistency of writing posts fell. Still, I was able to gain some wisdom and insight from God this past month, and I can’t wait to see how He continues to work in this next year.

The first thing I gained from this study was reassurance. Every so often I get the thoughts “I’m not a good Christian” or “I’m so far away from God; can I ever be good enough?”. From these sayings of the wise, God told me that I am in a good spot right now. I have a whole lot of room for growth, but I am never too far gone, and I’m in a good position for God to grow me into a woman seeking and focused on Him. This was an important lesson for me to learn because it changed where I started myself on this study. Instead of this study focusing on growing myself to reach the quota, it was about me already being enough and growing more towards the image of Jesus.

Another thing I learned from this study was that though I’m in a good place with room to grow, I need to be more purposeful/mindful about everything I do. Whether it’s the people I hang out with or what influences I allow to affect me, I need to be alert at what I allow in my life. Also, lukewarm passion or effort won’t get me anywhere. This is easily seen in school. When I kind of try in my school work or don’t give my best effort, I enjoy school a lot less and don’t do as well, making me dislike school even more. Only with a fiery passion and strong work ethic can I actually get something worthwhile out of this life and enjoy myself while doing it too.

Though I wasn’t able to keep a consistent daily writing session, I did learn from this experience, and I think it was a good start to my year-long process of becoming a woman of God. I’ve got room to keep growing and I’m excited to continue my journey.



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