My Goal for 2016

My Goal for 2016

Like many people right now, I’ve started thinking of a goal for the coming year. A resolution to improve myself in order to improve the world. I’ve had one idea rolling around in my head for the past few months which I think is my goal for 2016: To become a woman of God. As of right now, I’m not really sure what that means. In fact, that’s what I plan to figure out: What does it mean to be a woman of God, and how do I become one?




Becoming a woman of God a pretty broad goal, especially since I’m starting with a blank slate. So within that broad goal there are some smaller goals. They include to read my Bible more (preferably everyday), to have daily quiet times with God, to practice the Spiritual Disciplines, and probably some more I’ll pick up during the year. Everyday of 2016, my goal is to have daily quiet times, focused around certain topics. Beginning January 1, I plan to study the thirty sayings of the wise in Proverbs 22:17-24:34, studying one saying per day. Throughout the year I hope to focus my daily quiet times on other topics such as Proverbs 31, Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster, Simplify by Bill Hybels, and asking other women what they think it means to be a woman of God. Any suggestions of others books or topics are welcome!

So why do I want to do this? This idea of becoming a woman of God actually began my freshman year of high school. Sometime in the beginning of that year, I became infatuated with a boy in one of my classes. Long story short, I eventually (after many months) realized that my obsession with him had pushed out God.  I saw how it wasn’t the right path, I was deeply in the wrong, and I needed to have a serious talk with God. So I did, and during that talk I did something that has altered my life ever since. I made a covenant with God that I would not pursue any romantic attachments until I was firm in my relationship with Him. I’m not sure fifteen-year-old me knew what I was doing then, but maybe I did. Since then, I’ve tried my best not to form any romantic relationship. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve met some great guys and even been asked out, but I’ve tried my best to keep my covenant with God in mind and stop any romantic attachments I felt.

That changed a bit when I started college. I’m out of high school, over the no-dating age set by my parents, I’m more mature … I figured I was ready for a relationship. I’m now at the age where people start looking for future partners. And marriage. Scary stuff like that. Anyways, there was a certain relationship in my life where I wasn’t quite sure where it was going, but there was a possibility for it to go further than just friendship. I looked in my Bible for some advice and kept my eyes and ears open because God often talks to me through others. But that’s where the tricky part started. The messages I got from the Bible told me to focus on myself and my relationship with Christ. The signals from sermons, from trusted Christian sources, and from other random places told me to invest more in the relationship and possibly take it further. For weeks I went back and forth, trying to decide which direction to take. One night, when I was searching the web in a desperate attempt for a solution, I came across this great advice.

“That kind of bait doesn’t attract that kind of fish”.

Have you ever noticed that The Bible says a ton about how to become a godly husband or wife but relatively little (nothing?) about how to find one?  When I was dating before marriage The Bible was really frustrating to me because it didn’t answer the most emotionally pressing question on my mind: HOW DO I FIND MY WIFE!?  There’s a reason – a very good one – The Bible does this.  To show you what the Bible is doing, here’s an analogy: Years ago I was fishing with my grandfather and kept catching bluegills when I wanted to be catching largemouth bass. I asked my grandfather what I was doing wrong and he said, “That kind of bait doesn’t attract that kind of fish.”

That’s what The Bible is doing. It’s teaching you how to attract the kind of spouse you want to end up with. Godly men attract godly women. Godly women attract godly men. Focus on what The Bible focuses on – becoming a godly future spouse – and you’ll have a much better chance of finding a godly spouse.

That analogy blew my mind. After reading this, my direction was set: I’d keep my covenant with God (I hadn’t really fulfilled it anyways) and focus on becoming a woman of God in order to find my godly man. And it’s not all about the guys anyways. I can’t make the world a better place if I’m not trying to make myself better; I’ve got to change first before I change the world.

So that’s the why, some of the how, and I’ll find out the what to becoming a woman of God. I know this is a challenging year-long goal, but I’m excited and motivated to improve myself. I hope to post every day with the  topic and my thoughts/interpretation for the day, which you can find under the “Becoming a Woman of God” tab at the top of the page. As with anything, I’d love prayers and support to help me through my journey.

Have a blessed New Year!



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