My Fitness Past, Present, and Future

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Health and fitness have become important focuses in my life, and I want to start sharing that more on my blog, so I figured I should share my fitness/health background, my current journey, and where I hope to end up. Cue my fitness past, present, and future.







My Fitness Past:

If I were to describe my fitness past in one word it would be semi-active. Since age three, I’ve jetéd and pliéd and tendued in dance classes at least once a week, and in late elementary school I signed up for soccer where I defended the goal or goalie for a few years. In both of these activities though, I didn’t often put out my best effort. I enjoyed the stretching part of dance and the standing-while-the-ball-is-on-the-other-side-of-the-field part of soccer, but when it came to standing relevé on one foot or running after the ball, I didn’t like the leg-shaking/pain or lung burning that came with those. As a result, I wasn’t the most fit kid. That changed a bit during my junior year of high school. Somehow I decided I wanted to join my school’s swim team (a cute guy may or may not have influenced my decision), so I started training for tryouts, and I realized that I actually enjoyed swimming. I couldn’t believe that I was enjoying exercise. So I trained and trained, and I did make it onto the swim team both junior and senior year. During those seasons, I pushed myself past what I thought was possible, and I saw myself change. Not only did my body become stronger and fitter, but mentally I was more positive, I had more energy, I felt happier, and life just seemed better. It was during that time of my life that I realized what it felt like to be strong, and it became an obsession and life-long goal to live a healthy life.

My Fitness Present:

During my last swim season, I decided that college would be my starting line to a healthier me. With a free gym, hills everywhere on campus, and dozens of places to eat, I saw it as the right conditions to get my healthy lifestyle set in stone. On the first day of classes, I was in the gym at 7am trying to figure out where to pool was. I got out of the pool that day with a purple face and shaky legs, but my solid start made me feel triumphant. Since then I’ve branched out and am now working with weights, biking, running, and some yoga. What was four 30-minute morning workouts a week has turned into six or more hour-long workouts a week. But typical of life there came some setbacks. I expected to see results, even small ones, pretty quickly. After a month, I could see some change in my body, but not as much as I expected. I was a little stronger, but my body looked the same. I was scrolling through the Health&Fitness section on Pinterest when I saw a pin similar to this:


I realized that though I was sweating my bum off every morning, my diet consisted of ginormous portion sizes containing lots of sugary treats. The all-you-can-eat dining halls on campus are a curse disguised as a blessing. I’ve slowly been cutting down on the sugar and empty calories, and this past week I’ve moderated my portion sizes. I’m not saying that I don’t take a slice of peanut butter pie or an oatmeal raisin cookie every so often (those are my fave!), but instead of getting a sandwich, two slices of pizza, a plate of rice, a plate of veggies, roast, and a bowl of applesauce, I’ll have a quinoa stuffed pepper with a side salad and an orange. So presently, I’m still in the learning phase. I’m testing out the waters (literally and figuratively) trying to figure out what works best for me, and also what I enjoy the most. I guess you could call me an amateur fitness junkie.

My Fitness Future:

Short term goals:

  • Get fit! (which involves some toning, higher cardio endurance, heavier weights, broader and more in-depth exercises)
  • Eat healthier! (which involves portion control, sugar intake control, and nutrient education)

Long term goals:

  • Have a disciplined healthy lifestyle!
  • Get a six-pack of abs! (my ultimate goal for my four years at college [besides my education of course!])
  • Inspire others to gain control of their health and fitness!

Thanks for reading!


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