In the past week or so, you might’ve noticed that my blog seems to be going through a lot of changes. At times it seemed hectic with different colors, themes, and pictures, but I think I’ve got the layout how I want it. You might be wondering “Why is she changing everything up?” Well, this is no ordinary annual change. No, this is something a bit bigger and more important. I am refocusing my blog.

What does that mean? Keep reading to find out!




Since I began this blog in May 2012, it’s been a place where I told my feelings, let out emotions, revealed plans, and put my life on the internet. Recently, I haven’t been posting on the blog as much, nor sharing it as much, because its purpose didn’t fit my lifestyle anymore. As I’ve matured and learned how to be more vulnerable with people in my actual life, I needed this blog less and less. And to be honest, I abused this blog. It was a place where I anonymously shared (or vented) about things happening in my life. I used it as a way to get things out, when really I should’ve been sharing these things with my friends and family. I used this blog in a selfish way, and I’m ready to change that. I’ve been working to mature this blog and refocus it on a bigger purpose that’s not focused on me. I want to enjoy and be proud of what I publish. Because of that, there’ll be some differences. I’ll still have my usual blog posts about daily life and insights I’ve had, but I also want to experiment with blogging about health, college, and maybe even style, all of which I’m a rookie in, but enjoy immensely.

So for those of you that have followed my life for the past few years, thank you for your support and patience as I’ve journeyed through life, maturing and growing in myself and in Christ. I hope you continue to find something worth your time here on this blog, and these changes I’m making are to transform this blog into a place where more people can hopefully find something to brighten their day.

Thanks for sticking with me,



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