My First Memory of Temptation

I’ve always had a love for vintage cars. Especially the ones similar to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, such as the beauties pictured below.


Are they not the most beautiful cars?
Anyways, when I was around the age of four, my preschool classroom had a plastic bin full of Hot Wheels cars. I enjoyed playing with Hot Wheels cars my entire childhood, probably beginning in this preschool class. In that plastic bin of toy cars was my first memory of temptation. Not only was there a vintage car like those pictured above, but I got to play with it. Every day at playtime I would take it out and it was my most precious car. And many times as I gazed with appreciation at the fenders and wheels and lights and shape (okay, I probably just thought it was different and cool), I remember thinking about taking it home. Stealing. I would want it so bad that I considered consciously committing a sin (which in a four year old’s mind was abominable). And this didn’t just happen once or twice. I remember multiple occasions where I lusted for something I didn’t have. 

I never did take that car, but I find it interesting that I remember the strong desire at a young age to do something wrong. Nowadays, temptation isn’t always so obvious. It hides in pretty and sweet things to make it look good. It may not always be obvious, but it’s there. Don’t succumb to temptation. Don’t take the cool vintage toy car. Stay good, grow up, and buy the real thing later. 🙂


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