Having Faith Through the Storm

Today, I began my study of finding where God is present in the Bible. I’m currently focusing on Noah’s story in Genesis 6-9:17. As I read, I wrote down my thoughts and insights on the passage. The thought I want to focus on today is that God made His covenant after Noah’s faith took him through the storm. I found this in Genesis verses 6:18 and 9:9. In Genesis 6:18, God says that He will establish a covenant, yet it is not until Genesis 9:9, after Noah’s journey through the storm, that God states His covenant. In this, I see how God promises great joy and redemption, but sometimes we have to wait for any word from God until after the storm is over. God waited until Noah proved his obediance and great faith until making the covenant. In my struggles right now, I’m freaking out because I don’t feel like I’m hearing God. But Noah went for over a year not hearing from God! (no interaction between God and Noah is mentioned in the Bible while Noah is on the ark). All that kept Noah going was his faith. I bet at times he felt a little abandoned. He and his family were on a boat with a bunch of animals for more than a year, with the knowledge that all other life on the surface of the earth was being destroyed. It sounds a little depressing and scary. But with his rock solid foundation of faith, Noah made it through. So maybe what I really need is a little more faith. Faith that God does know what He’s doing, and faith that He will get me through my storms.   

“God began a good work in you, and I am confident He will continue it until it is finished when Jesus Christ comes again.” -Philippians 1:6


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