Premature Distancing 

As a high school senior, I’m going through lots of new experiences. The experience I want to talk about today isn’t the happiest. There’s a lot of change in my future, and I’m excited for that change, but certain aspects of my current life are beginning to change before the big change of going to college. For example, as a senior, the groups that I’ve belonged to, such as youth group and school, no longer feel like my groups. The “personality” that I associate with those groups has changed, and no one knows the names of old group members. It’s no one’s fault that I’m starting to feel distant and like I don’t belong. It’s time’s fault, and it’ll happen to everyone. I’m just starting to feel a little empty. Everything’s starting to change and change is all everyone ever talks about now, but I haven’t changed yet, and my environment hasn’t changed yet. I feel like I’m a bit out of place. It’s kind of sad. It’s like I’m living in a memory. Which may seem plaeasant, but it’s really not. Life has moved on, but I’m dragging behind. Still, to offset these weird feelings, I’m trying to give my all in worship, friendships, work. It’s hard, but if I stop working, I’ll fade, and I won’t be strong and happy when college does come along. So off to work I go.


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