Becoming a Faithful Friend

I’ve been having a bit of friend trouble lately. It’s not with a bunch of my friends … mostly just one. We’re not arguing or anything, it’s just … she talks about my other friends behind their backs. And I let her. I listen. But it nags at my soul.

I’ve been told before that gossiping/insulting someone is wrong, and I completely agree. “Don’t get involved” people always say. I’ve also heard that “as long as you don’t say anything and participate, it’s okay”. But is it really?

It happened again today; my friend started complaining about my other friend and how much she didn’t like her. Complaining, insulting. I sat there, not completely comfortable, not agreeing, but not standing up in my other friend’s defense. I felt and still feel like a rotten friend.

Proverbs 17:17 says,

“A friend loveth at all times.”

I love both my friends, but I haven’t been showing it very well. After my friend was done talking to me, I got up and left to go sit with my other friend. Kind of to show my first friend that I still like and am friends with my other friend. But, maybe it was also a guilty thing. If I truly cared for my other friend, I would stand up for her even when she’s not present. And I do care. I want to show support and love and be a bright light. So, from now on I’m standing up. A lot of my friends talk to me about my other friends, and I am now making a commitment to not listen. To stop the conversation. To make behind-the-back conversations not tolerated around me. Because it’s not right, and I know it.

To show the greatest love is to love someone when they’re not there. It’s kind of like our relationship with God. We can’t see Him and sometimes it feels like He’s not with us, but having faith in Him even when we’re blinded and deaf shows our commitment and dedication to following, serving, and loving Him. Also, God loves us when we’re not following Him. I want to pass that love onto my friends. I want to show all my friends that I will love and support them even when they’re not present. Because that’s what a faithful friend does.


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