Why I’m Not Worthless

Am I worthless? It’s been a question running through my head lately. Is anything I do worth anything to society?

The reason this question has been bugging me lately is the pictures from society. I see my friends going to competitions, starting their own businesses, winning national science fairs. A lot of cool stuff. But what do I do? I’m not an amazing violin player. I’m not getting a perfect score on my SATs. Am I truly worthless?

The answer, is no.

A lot of things I do may not be worth much to society, but they’re not worthless.

I like to dress up. No, not princesses and fairies. More like happy colors and jewelry. To society, that’s nothing. Society could care less what I wear. But to my friends who say my bright colors make them happy, my wardrobe isn’t worthless.

I like to dream. Society would probably prefer I didn’t dream and instead go do something productive. But dreaming is something magical that lightens the soul, brightening up life, and keeps hope in the world. Without dreams, a lot of people wouldn’t be where they are today. I want to dream so that I can reach high goals. Dreams to me are not worthless.

I do squats. Sometimes. Society doesn’t care if I do squats; there are plenty of good athletes out there that are way better than me. Still, it takes motivation to do daily squats, and though it only slightly works my leg muscles, I have a better self image of myself. Better self-confidence. And that is not worthless.

I eat dinner with my family everyday. It’s becoming a rarity in society, and it’s because that quality time is not deemed worthwhile. But to my family it is. That quality time keeps our bonds strong and gives us dedicated time to care about each other and share the love. This is definitely not worthless.

None of the above is worthless to me. Mini dance parties in my room, painting my fingernails with my sister, playing with stuffed animals … it all has some sort of meaning to me. It’s all just little stuff. But without the little simple things, the big things don’t have any meaning.


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