Becoming Stagnant

There’s a time that comes in everyone’s life where one begins to feel stagnant. It’s that feeling that I’m not getting anywhere, my life is just kind of sitting, and all I can do is hope for a good future. It’s not the best of feelings, but it’s not necessarily bad. It just makes a person feel a bit … pointless.

This feeling or happenstance happened once before to my family. We only really realized it after the move happened, but our lives had become stagnant. We had moved churches, and the church we were currently at wasn’t inspiring us. At school or at work, there was no upward path, just the normal or downward pathway. In our spiritual lives, I think we all felt very stagnant. Or maybe even a bit nonexistant. Definitely, our lives had become stagnant.

So God moved us.

Where we currently call home, it seems nearly impossible to become stagnant. The area is intensely diverse and challenging in every aspect. Yet somehow, I’m beginning to feel stagnant. Perhaps it’s only the end of the school year and I’m looking forward to summer. Perhaps it’s because I’m a junior and looking forward to college. Perhaps it’s because I don’t feel as involved or challenged by my youth group. Perhaps it’s something else. But right now, I feel kind of pointless. Waiting for my next directions. I’ve got dreams, and I’m dreaming them. But my life is dragging. My life is becoming stagnant.


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