At All Times

You know those times when life really, really sucks, but everyone else seems like they’re having fun, which makes you feel so alone? I know what that feels like, and I’m pretty sure most other people do too. It’s hard to be vulnerable during those times because it doesn’t seem like anyone can relate. Yet, oftentimes in the midst of others’ celebration, our desperation becomes so great that we must share. We must release our problems because we want to feel the joy and happiness around us.

A little while ago, one of my friends got to that breaking point. We were in the midst of a large group, and we were pretending, or what others would call acting. Mouthing to each other, we pretended to talk, but I quickly realized her whispers weren’t made up. She was opening up to me, while dozens watched, but nobody was listening to us. She had gotten to her breaking point, and I was the person that saw her vulnerability. Her pain.

When I’ve been in spots like that, I let it all pour out and hope that the other person will somehow find a means to comfort me. I’m sure that’s what she did too, and I hope that somehow I was able to show her a bit of hope. I knew before she was struggling a bit, but I didn’t know the depth of what she was going through. But she trusted me, and now as a friend, I’m going to do my best to help her through this messy part of life.

A while back, I posted about how another of my friends was having struggles in her life, and so I sent her a Bible verse every day. That’s what I’m going to do this week with my hurting friend. Hopefully, if not the verses themselves, the support I’m trying to give will show her that even through the pain, the sun is still shining and no matter what, she has friends who love her at all times.

“For a friend loveth at all times.” -Proverbs 17:17


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