So This is Love

Right now, I’m listening to Cinderella and Prince Charming crooning So This is Love over and over again on repeat, and I’m nearly swooning from all the fantasy and romance. Like every single teenage girl, I am enraptured with the idea of love. To have a Prince Charming who loves and dotes on me … it’s a dream. Yes, Disney and other shows have enhanced the expectations of love, but nevertheless, love, even in its simplest form, is captivating, and I want a part in it. The reason I absolutely love this song and the reason it will be played at my wedding is because Cinderella and her Prince Charming have suddenly discovered what “makes life devine”. Their sweet song portrays the lifechanging-ness of their love, and the energy they’ve been given by this burst of love allows them to “touch every star in the sky”. It’s no wonder that the idea of love attracts, and many will do anything to find that love.
Two years ago, I went after love, and in the process discovered the danger in love. So I told God I would stay away from love (at least displaying or contemplating loving guys) so I could focus on Him and other aspects in my life, which couldn’t afford to be handled if I was lovestruck (which is often foolish and carefree). Yet, even if I tried to push away love, it never completely worked. Love is a part of my DNA and who I am. I was made a creature that desires to love and be loved. Though I pushed away love, I grew in it and learned more about it. Love is a deep thing, and hard to understand. I certainly still do not understand it.
So, to come to my point, on the outside I seemed to push away love to stay away from the drama. Yet inside I yearned for someone to love me. I wanted and still want for someone to sweep me off my feet, look deeply into my eyes, and I just want to feel like in their eyes, I am more beautiful than I can ever imagine. To this day, I still dream of adventures with a saving prince and sweet kiss. I am a hopeless romantic, and I desire love. Many people I know, are trying to find love now, as a teenager. I try not to discourage them, but personally, I’m waiting until I know I’m ready for love. For now, I’ll just listen to Cinderella and wait for my Prince Charming to come and dance me into my dreams.


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