Re-Learning How to Pray

Yes I do know how to pray, and I do pray, but recently my prayers haven’t been feeling right. So last night I began to reread a book called “Celebration of Discipline” which has a chapter on prayer. It starts off with the normal prayer stuff like the definition and examples of “giants of the faith” which utilize prayer for hours a day. As I continued reading, I found something that startled me. The sentenceS go

“We are working with God to determine the outcome of events.”
“Moses prayed boldly because he believed his prayers could change things, even God’s mind.”
“We are working with God to determine the future.”
-page 35

This idea that my prayers are valuable inputs to the world’s happenings blew me away. I had always seen prayer as me telling God stuff and then basically leaving God to do whatever with what I gave Him. I knew God heard my prayers, but I never thought that they would mean much besides Him knowing my opinion. But changing God’s mind? That seems crazy to me. So as I continue on with re-learning how to pray, I ask for your prayers, and I’m ready to see what I’ll learn next!


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