Everyone Deserves Forgiveness

I saw today how powerful forgiveness can be. To see a person rejected and scorned by everyone around them, and to be the one person to hold their tongue and forgive, is powerful. Tonight was my pre-festival spring concert for my orchestra. I’m in the top orchestra, second violin. Our first three pieces had been a little rough, but we had survived. With one piece left (the most fun and easy), we were in high spirits. However, when we came to the hardest part of the piece, something went wrong. For those of you who know music, we were in 3/4 time at dotted half note equals about sixty. We entered the hard part with a dotted quarter and then a beat and a half of rest before seven quick measures of rest. During that time the other sections of the orchestra came in, leaving us seconds with two beats until we came in. That was where the problems began. Shortening my story, my section leader miscounted and our section fell into utter chaos.

The moment that we stepped off stage, everyone in my section was talking and blaming, and the poor section leader was in a circle of pointing fingers. Soon, the whole orchestra knew and he was being ridiculed. Last I saw he was looking somber talking with his dad, while whispers, laughs, and blames were thrown around in the background noise.

He was to blame. He is our leader and supposed to lead us. But everyone trips up. He’s lazy and a class clown and a bit arrogant, but he is devoted and plays beautifully when he practices. I bit my tongue because I was so shocked by how everyone completely rejected him. In one moment, he was alone. And though I don’t really know him and I didn’t reach out, I would not join the circle of pointing fingers. In times like this, which everyone has, the thing the person needs the most is support. I will stand by my section leader because as a leader, I know that those higher up fall the hardest. Everyone notices and everyone sees. But we’re all human, and he’s just a sophomore in highschool. Everyone deserves forgiveness. Everyone.


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