My Preference Verses What is Beneficial

I took my writing SOL today, which involved a given prompt and an essay written by yours truly. I didn’t exactly like the prompt, but just a moment ago, I realized it related to the personal study I’m doing! My prompt went something along the lines of:

“Which is more beneficial: working in a group or working alone?”

In the three and a half hours it took for me to create my masterpiece of an essay, I created an argument that is leaving me thinking right now. I answered the prompt by exploring my preferences verses what is most beneficial. I came to the conclusion that though I prefer to work by myself, it is more beneficial to work in a small group.

Ya’ll might be bored out your mind reading about my SOL, but just wait, it gets better. In my essay, I demonstrated that my individualism was preventing me from be the best that I could be. Which is the reason I’m doing my personal study! Through reading Brené Brown’s book “Daring Greatly”, I’m learning vulnerability and one of the ways I’m trying to be brave and dare greatly and get myself out there is by interacting with others more instead of being walled up by myself. This essay was proof that even in my subconscious I know that I’m not doing the right thing.

So basically I thought this was utterly mindblowing, and I was excited that it related to my study. Also, I haven’t posted in a while and I’ve been feeling the push, so I decided that why not now to get it going again. I’ll be writing agains soon!


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