Satisfying the Crave

For the past 16 days, I’ve been reading a devotional about craving. The author’s craving temptation is food, but the devotionals are relatable to all sorts of cravings. Since starting the devotional, I’ve learned quite a few things about cravings. First off, craving isn’t bad. We humans were made to crave. But we were made to crave Jesus. We were made with a hole in us, a missing part, so that we could cultivate and grow in a relationship with God, which fills up that hole in us. However, relationships take work, and when we tire of working, possibly caused by having skewed aims in the relationship, we slack off and the relationship begins to cumble. When the hole in our soul isn’t being filled up with God, we try to fill it up with other stuff. That could be food, sleep, drugs, alcohol, anything. Anything that takes up space and time, and we feel temporarily satisfied from. Emphasis on temporary.

The devotional has been really inspiring for me since I’ve stopped swim and started to return to my usual indulgence on sleep and food. Now, instead of napping for three hours because I was bored, I take an hour nap to refresh myself, and instead of getting home and filling my stomach up with more food than a normal meal, I’m eating a handful of nuts or fruit to satisfy the small grumblings of my stomach.

If you’re struggling with any sort of craving addiction, whether it be food, alcohol, sleep, whatever, I would recommend this devotional to you. It not only gets me thinking and keeps me away from my endulgances, but it is also teaching me how to readjust my mind so that I realize that my craving is not really for food and sleep, but really I am craving for God.

Devotional (YouVersion app):


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