My Best is Enough

Last night, I listened to God. To be honest, I had been crowding him out with stress about school work. Right now it’s the end of the quarter and with three recent snow days, life is a little hectic. I’ve been working non-stop on lab-write ups, science fair, essays, and multiple research papers. I’ve been so stressed that if I didn’t do well on these big projects, I would never get an all “A” report card. Last night, God led me to reality.

My best, is enough.

I fought against what God was saying for a while; I didn’t believe that my best was enough. Then I stopped and thought, “well duh”. Of course my best is enough. There are some things in life (aka physics) that I am just don’t have the ability to be perfect at. And that’s okay. I’ve been trying to push myself past my best and do the impossible. But sometimes, I just need to realize that if I can only do my best, I need to be content with that.

As soon as admitted this, I felt the weight go off. It brought such relief that I keep saying it over and over to myself. My best is enough. If I don’t get everything right in my physics formulas, it’s okay. I tried my hardest, and I’m still learning and surviving in a subject I’m pretty bad at. If I don’t understand a question during my French presentation, it’s okay. I wasn’t brought up speaking that language, but here I am today, able to come up with my own sentences.

Realizing that my best is enough takes the focus off of being perfect in the eyes of the world, and instead focuses on being content with my work. As long as I put good effort into it, I am good enough in God’s eyes, and I am good enough in my eyes.


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