Turning 13

Tomorrow, my little sister turns thirteen. It’s so strange, that my little sister, isn’t so little anymore. She’s starting to become a woman. Thirteen is an important age: it’s when I found my own faith; it’s when my family moved; it’s I went through many internal struggles; it’s when I began to find my true friends; it’s when I began a fight with worldly emotions; it’s when a lot of tough stuff happens. This upcoming year is going to be one of the toughest for my little sister. And though she’ll always be my little sister, she is no longer the little girl. No longer will the little blonde toddler race around the house with blankey in tow; no longer will we sit on my bed in footy pajamas and read Dr. Seuss; no longer will I be able to hold her in my lap like I did the first time I held her as a baby. But, there are new experiences to come. Soon, we may be going on a shopping spree together; soon, we may be going on mission trips together; soon, we may be gaining a deeper relationship where we can talk about everything and be confident in each other. Just a few years ago, I realized I wasn’t being the best older sister. In fact, I was her tormenter some days. Since then, I’ve changed. I’ve tried to be more supportive and involved. I’ve tried to be friendlier and more welcoming. Tomorrow when she turns thirteen, leaving the world of childhood and entering the world of young-adults, I’ll still be her older sister. Except now, instead of just being an older sister, I can become her best friend.


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