To say I haven’t been very motivated in school lately would be a huge understatement. This morning was like many others where I was ready to stand up and just leave. I’m sick of high school and ready for college. I want to go. Three hours into the school day, my foggy brain finally woke up and was all like, “um Abby? Are you going cray cray? Sista, you ain’t goin’ nowhere until and unless you get good grades right now”. Okay, so it didn’t sound quite like that, but I can be pretty sassy with myself sometimes. This time though, while sitting in French class, I started of all the reasons why I want to do well in high school. In fact, I started making a list. Here’s what I have so far:

Why I need to do well in school:
– Get into the college of my dreams
– My mom and dad believe in me
– To be a good example for my little sister
– prepare for the future
– better impact on the world
– not feel like a failure

It’s not a very extensive list, but it’s folded up in my pencil pouch so I’ll be able to take it out whenever and either add stuff to the list or be motivated to do my very best. I’ll keep updating to let you know how I/others are motivating me.


One thought on “Motivation

  1. otakus4life says:

    School can be great as long as you get to spend them with other great people ^^
    I truly believe in the power of Friendship as there is nothing else better than to find true friends who understand and which whom you can share your experiences with. Of course there are many challenges along the way that could direct you away from your belief.

    For me the group of ‘besties’ i hang out with two of them are the ones i share my faith with while the other do not have the same interest. so you can kinder imagine the conflict there…but overall these people are what made my School life worth living.

    I encourage you to join clubs in school, if your school have clubs that is. Clubs are the best 🙂
    and dont be shy! you MUST get to know people and build a relationship with them. i know it can be tough 😦

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