Why I do What I do

Reasons why I swim:
– I feel stronger
– I don’t feel guilty with every bite of food I put into my mouth
– I feel confident in my body
– I don’t have to worry about body-image or self-confidence (relating to body-image)
– I’m doing something I love and have a passion for
– I’ve made great friends
– I have energy
– I feel like I can do anything

Bonus to swimming (that are nice but not why I swim):
– I have a great body
– Other persons on the teammates have nice looking bodies (cough*theboys*cough)
– I can eat the whole pantry and not gain weight
– No one can tell if I’m sweating while in the water
– My hair is silkier because I have to heavily condition it every day
– I can fit in smaller clothes

I don’t really have a purpose for writing this post. I’ve felt stronger and more confident since I started swim, and I guess I wanted to let the world know that I am improving myself and at the same I’m doing something I love.

I guess maybe I should connect this to God in someway, and since I can, why not.

So, me exercising my body is me making my church building strong. Every practice may make me sore, but as the saying goes “better sore than sorry”. The results are well worth the pain and trials. This can be said the same about my spiritual side. It shouldbe said the same. But it’s not. I need to exercise my sprit extra hard and have discipline so that I can gain the same results I’ve listed above, but for my spirit. I’ll feel confident about spreading my faith. I won’t have to worry about others judging me. I’ll be talking to God like an old friend. I’ll begin to love spending time with Him. I’ll have a passion to pray and kneel. I’ll feel like I can do anything.


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