Got Joy?

Maintaining joy is an important value in my life, but one that I have a hard time keeping. Before Winter Break, I was so stressed I couldn’t think right; New Year’s Day I had a panic attack. I’m tired of all of that! I’m ready for some joy! So I’m going to try and keep this post as uplifting and joyful as possible. Hopefully it will make you smile!

To begin, I am going to let all the stress go. In honor of the new movie Frozen (which is super awesome and you need to go watch it!), here’s my new favorite song:

WARNING! This is a slight spoiler, so cover the video if need be, but still listen!

This song doesn’t just speak a calm release, but a powerful freedom. An exhilarating freedom. Once it’s all let go, I can be who I want. I just have to distance myself from my troubles and not care what others think. I’m free!

Now that my burdens have been lifted, I feel like I could dance into the clouds and sing all day with the angels.

This song is one of my family favorites. Can’t you feel your body moving when the beat gets up? I can! Now, if you did not get up and dance the first time you played that song, GET UP! I don’t care if you are in your bedroom, on the metro, at school, wherever! I’ve found that dancing like no one is watching is the best stress reliever for me. So get up and dance!

If you’re not one of the dancing types, and I understand that not everyone is, maybe you’ll be willing to clap! Here’s a song I found at summer camp. Hopefully you’ll move and groove and clap to this one!

Whoo! I’ve got all my wiggles out! How about you? Now I need a good laugh in to keep that smile on my face 😊. Here’s a few clips that made me smile and laugh!


Phew! Hopefully at least one of those made you giggle and smile!

Final part of joy: sharing it! Go spread the joy and love! This can be done by smiling at people, doing a good deed, paying for someone else’s coffee, doing a chore around the house, anything!

Stay joyful! ❤️


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