I’ve Been Gone too Long

Ever since swim team started, I’ve been coming home at 5:30, eating dinner, doing homework, and then going to bed late at night. The next morning I would wake up early, and do it all over again. Even my weekends have been jam-packed with activities. This has left me no time for my family. To make my point, my older sister retuned from a three-month-long study abroad program in Spain a little over a week ago. I haven’t seen her in three months, and I’ve spent a total of maybe three hours with her. In over a week. It’s quite sad.

Today though, I had to stay after to remediate, and decided that I would take a break from swim and come home to do some homework and maybe spend some time with my family. Right after I walked in the door, I heard giggling coming from the stairway leading to my basement and opening the door I found my two sisters climbing up the stairs, nearly bouncing off the walls to greet me with silly hugs and uncontrolable laughter. Right now I feel so happy and joyful inside because the silliness we three get into is ridiculous, but it boosts my spirit to unimaginable heights. I love them so much, and I’ve missed the time we spend laying in a heap in front of the fireplace or trying to touch our right hands to our right elbows (try it with both hands, it’s sure to make those around you laugh!) or just having a group hug that lasts for minutes that ends with us throwing each other around the kitchen. It’s been so long since we were all together. I’m so glad I “skipped” swim to be with my family. Right now, there’s no one else I would rather be with!


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