God Has Blessed Me Good

I’ve know for a while that I’ve been blessed, but I’m still discovering every week just how blessed I am. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being Adam and Eve’s relationship before the fall and 10 being David’s relationship mess), I would say my family is about a 2. I’ve grown up in a sheltered Christian home with blissful years of innocence and inhancing years of growth. I’ve had good friends and had a slow introduction into the tougher side of the world. But still, there are so many things I didn’t recognize that God blessed me with.

A few Sundays ago, my sunday school teacher was talking a bit about her life and how situations happened that surprised and hurt her, and she didn’t know how to deal with them at first. Her kids dealing with drugs, alcohol, pregnancy before marriagge, and other stuff. That was when I realized how fortunate I was. My family has never had to deal with any of that stuff; the hardest stuff has been petty arguments. When two divorces wracked my extended family, we were able to stand firm. Fear, stress, and tempers are the only things that plague my family. How fortunate am I that God blessed me with such a family? Now, when people tell my parents that they should be proud of my sisters and me, I realize just how much we all should be proud. We’ve escaped the terrors of the world. Even Christian families, like the one I mentioned above, can be stained. So far, we’ve be sheltered, protected, loved. Our family is unique because we’ve had life so good. So blessed. I’ve been blessed. I can’t imagine the doubt and pain and fear that others go through with so much more than me. Maybe I should doubt and fear less. Maybe I should try to find even more joy, for are I not in a better position to find joy? Not only find more joy, but spread more joy. I’ve been given a very safe, secure, and joyful life. God has definitely blessed me good.


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