God’s People

Today started off kinda rotten; I woke up twenty minutes late, my contacts took an extra ten minutes to put in, I woke up with a sore throat and runny nose, almost missed my bus … not a good start to the day. However, while on the bus I did manage to catch, I was wanting a text or a simple word from someone to give me a bit of encouragement. But it’s a bit awkward to ask for encouragement. So instead, I prayed to God and asked for Him to send me someone to brighten my day.

He sent not only one person, but a bunch! First, I had a meeting before school, and there I saw a few friends whom I was great friends with last year, but never see this year due to classes. It was fun to talk with them and catch up a bit on life. Afterwards, I parted with them, but sat down with a couple of other friends whom I don’t see as much. We talked and just sitting with them was calming (I believe my love language is the presence of others). While I was sitting there, my awesome friend “M” walked by. I was overjoyed and that was when I began to see that God had really answered my prayer. Let me tell you about my friend “M”. She’s a senior at my school and we met because we’re both leaders in our FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). She’s a strong Christian, and one of the brightest lights in my life. She’s cheerful and a super good listener. I absolutely love her; everytime I see her she is able to place a smile on my face. So when she walked by, I realized that God did care about my hectic morning and He does care about me. My morning doesn’t end there.

Once the bell rang and I had left my group of friends to go to first period, I was walking alone when another friend and FCA leader came up and started talking with me. She was another Godsend and made me smile again. I must say that by the time I walked in the door to math class, I was as happy as if I had rolled out of bed into rainbows and sunshine. God did provide for me, even though my rotten morning was quite trivial. If I trust in Him, He will always take care of me.


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