A Text From God

A while ago, I sent a text to a friend of mine every day for a week after she told me she was having a tough time conquering a problem in her life. Each text had a Bible verse and some encouraging words. That was it. I stopped after a week, but it was actually a really special time for me. Sometimes, I’ll say I’ll pray for them, and then kinda forget … but with this, I was taking just a minute or two each day to really think about her and pray for her by sending her encouragement. I didn’t really know how it affected her until this past weekend. My mom went on a retreat with my friend’s mom, and while on that retreat my friend’s mom told my mom how much that one week and those six or seven texts helped my friend. How much it encouraged her. How much it strengthened her. I’m not taking any credit for anything I did; it was all God’s work. But it definitely helped both of us. And I’ve decided to do it again.

I’ve found another friend who I think could use some encouragement. She seems to be a pretty happy person, but underneath she’s like I used to be, darkened by depression, torn by physical harm, and searching for the light. She has no clue what’s coming, but tomorrow she’s going to get a text. Tuesday she’s going to be getting a text. Wednesday she’s going to be getting a text. She’s going to be getting a text from God every day this week as a source of encouragment. I pray that it will help her, as well as me, see the light and joy in life.


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