Tell Me I’m Pretty

I don’t mean to sound vain, or searching for attention, but once in a while, everyone needs to be told that they’re pretty. I don’t think our culture compliments each other enough. Sometimes, compliments are misinterpreted as kissing-up to someone or jealousness. But really, everyone wonders what the world thinks, and even if it’s a best friend, an unprompted compliment can change a whole day. I’ve realized in the past few months that God has given me prettiness, not exactly drop dead gorgeousness, but more beauty than I really deserve. But, though I feel good, there’s that one part of me that wants someone else to notice. To tell me that my effort to look good actually works. To tell me that I’m pretty.

There are so many more compliments than just saying that someone looks pretty. Here are a few.

Your (shoes, hair, clothes, etc.) looks amazing today!
I wish I could (cook, dance, talk, dress, etc.) like you! You’re so good at it!
Great job!
You’re so smart!
You have good taste in (insert something).
You are quite charming!
You are (brilliant, fantastic, adorable, beautiful, etc.)

As I was searching the web for compliments, I found these websites that are absolutely hilarious! Some of the compliments are adorable, and some of them just make me laugh! The websites are:

I hope this post inspires you. Not only to find a few good compliments for youself, but also to find some good compliments you can bless others with. Most people won’t admit that they are needing a good compliment, but I guarantee nobody will say that they didn’t need a compliment. A few words can change a day, change a life, change the world. And that’s what I’m all about.


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