I’m Doing Okay

I yearn to be a mentor to someone. It’s one of my spiritual gifts, and I feel it tugging at my soul. I’m hoping that my leadership role in my school’s FCA will help fulfill that yearning, but I really just want to teach and show the way to someone. I want to fill people up with the Holy Spirit. I want to give them the light.

Aiding me in my FCA leadership role, a Bible was given to me that has plans and lessons in it. I’ve found these lessons intriguing, and they’ve made me think. I’ve been challenged, and I’ve grown closer to God. School has also brought me closer to God. Right now, I’m practically drowning in homework, but I’m not too discouraged and thankfully haven’t had a mental breakdown yet. I think reading my Bible and talking with God as given me that perservering hope, faith, and joy I need to keep me positive. Also, the prayers of others I’m sure have benefitted me as well. That’s about all I have to say for today. I hope your life’s path is going smoothly and joyfully!


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