A Shift in Songs

I’ve realized that in the past years, my taste of music changes. Instead of the sweet, softer Christian tunes, I’m listening to rap and hard rock. I still like listening to the older music, but there’s something about this newer and rougher music. It’s all Christian, but there’s a different tone to it. I feel like the older songs are mostly cries for help. This newer rap and hard rock is about going forward and conquering the world for Christ. Full of joy, these bouncy songs fill me with energy. The other ones keep me calm and can bring peace. Maybe it’s just my teenage years, but I definitely prefer the modern dancey songs to the old songs. Here’s an example of what I mean.

Older song:

This song is one of my old favorites, but can’t you hear the plead for help? I can relate to the lyrics, but they don’t inspire me.

Modern song:

This song is one I was introduced to at camp. It’s a poppy song that gets me dancing and singing every time. I feel alive and like a confident daughter of Christ when this plays.


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