All you have to do is speak

“When the sons and daughters start singing this song
Then everybody all around ’em will be singing along
It’s gonna shake the world
It’s gonna shake the world
When we all start marching to the beat of the drum
Moving to the rhythm of the Kingdom to come
It’s gonna shake the world
It’s gonna shake, shake, shake the world”
-“Shake the World” by Finding Favour

This song, and especially these lyrics above, really speak the truth. Basically, it’s saying this:

[God says]
When you, my sons and daughters, start joyfully spreading My Word
Then everybody else will find me and join into the joyful worship
It’ll shock the world
It’ll change the world
When you all get together and combine forces to bring My Glory
You’ll be in my will for My Kingdom to come
It’ll change the world
It’ll refresh, relieve, and free the world

I know that this is what God is telling us to do because I’ve tried it and it works. At school I openly talk about my youth group, and because of that my newbie-Christian friend is coming to my church and my youth group; she’s about to find eternal friendships and family, and I might be a part of that because I spoke up. Yesterday on the bus I sat next to a freshman whom I had never seen before. We started up a conversation and I again was able to mention my youth group. Guess what, she’s a Christian too! If I hadn’t of mentioned my youth group, I doubt she would have mentioned hers. My last example is another non-religious friend in school; I had been going to my FCA for a while when I invited her to come along. She did (mostly for the food), and she now comes fairly often. The motives don’t matter as long as she’s hearing the message.

So don’t you see? If we Christians spoke up, others can’t help but see the community and want to be a part of it. Speaking up, we can make the Path to Christ so much more accessible. All you have to do is speak.


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