Who Am I?

Who am I? I am not Abby. I am not a girl. No, that is of the world. I am not of the world, but of the spirit.

I am love. A sacrificial caring of every human being. A compassion that overflows from inside.

I am joy. A bubbling, dancing, eucharistic happiness of the spirit and cannot be contained.

I am peace. A calm, controlled presence in a world of chaos and confusion.

I am patience. Time is of no matter; learning does not happen in an instant.

I am kindness. Everything God created is equal and precious in His eyes.

I am goodness. Evil cannot penetrate the pure and strong. Jesus’ blood cleansed my sin.

I am faithful. Growth of a mustard seed comes with trust in the farmer.

I am gentleness. Fragile is the innocent; weak are the needy.

I am self-control. Matters of the world are raindrops in the ocean, which will not flood.

So often, I feel discouraged because I try to live up to who I think I am. I’ve created a personality that everyone can love, but really I need to be the daughter of God who invites the weary and comforts the weak. I don’t need to live up to the world’s standards, only God’s standards.


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