The Bible

I was taking out my Bible for some quiet time when I thought, when I see someone reading their Bible, I immediately know something about them. Reading the Bible takes determination and focus. It takes a commitment and covenant to really care about what God is trying to say. The Bible is a book full of answers, and only those who choose to live in the word find life. When I see someone reading their Bible, even if I have no clue who they really are, I can tell the person is a seeker; someone who is searching for more to life. Someone who is creating a relationship with their Maker. There is no better person than one who reads their Bible. It is no quick activity. It is a life. It is joy. It is love. The Bible holds the secret that connects every single Christian is our Maker. Being seen reading a Bible is showing the world that in normal day life, eternal life can be gained and God is real. God is everywhere. The Bible shows us how to find Him. The Bible is the key to eternal life. The Bible is the way to Jesus.


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